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Ollie Crowther

Programs Director

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Ollie is a highly trained Army Officer with 12 years of experience in military operations, tactics, and leadership. He is a commando-trained officer, equipped with the necessary skills to operate in high-risk environments and carry out unconventional thinking and problem solving.


Ollie's exceptional leadership abilities have been honed through his years of experience. He is a skilled mentor, teacher, and leader, committed to passing on his knowledge and skills to others. His mentoring has helped to guide and develop junior officers and soldiers during service and more recently his teaching has played an important role in supporting employees of Force Contracts. Ollie has a talent for breaking down complex concepts into simple and easy-to-understand language, making it easier for others to grasp important concepts and skills.


As a leader, Ollie has a talent for inspiring others to do their best and for creating a positive and supportive team environment. His leadership style is characterised by a focus on collaboration, communication, and a shared sense of purpose.


In addition to his military experience, Ollie also has a background in mechanical engineering with a focus on construction. He has worked for several Tier 1 construction companies, where he gained valuable experience in managing large-scale projects and leading teams of engineers and construction workers. Ollie's engineering expertise and construction experience have proven to be a valuable asset in his military career, where he has been able to apply his knowledge and skills to support infrastructure development in high-risk environments. His ability to combine his engineering and military experience has enabled him to find innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges, making him a versatile and sought-after leader in both industries.


Overall, Ollie's dedication to mentoring, teaching, and leadership has made him a respected and valued member of the military and now construction community. His ability to inspire and guide others has helped to build strong and effective teams.


Tony Barkey

Commercial Director

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From an extensive family background of veterans of the British Army, Tony has had significant first-hand experience into the complexities of veteran transition into civilian employment. He has borne witness to his father experiencing long-term unemployment post-discharge, through to an opportunity to enter the construction industry as an electrical apprentice, before eventually culminating in an extremely successful civilian career in construction. 


This background drives Tony to help make a meaningful difference in the prospects of other veterans, to improve the trajectory of their lives after transitioning from serving their country. 


Tony brings a robust commercial background to Force Contracts, and has made great in-roads into creating opportunities for veterans of the ADF and Allied Forces. This includes securing partnerships with iconic veterans’ charities to provide reach out to veteran jobseekers, as well as establishing relationships throughout the industry to generate opportunities for our people to build meaningful civilian careers.


Away from Force Contracts, Tony dedicates himself to his sporting endeavours. He trains and competes in boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is a handy golfer around the fairways.

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Taylor Jenkins

Marketing Director

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Taylor is a seasoned professional in the construction industry, with experience in construction management, project management, and development advisory. He holds a Masters degree in Construction Management from The University of Melbourne, and has worked with some of the leading construction companies in the industry.


At Force Contracts, Taylor serves as the Director of Marketing, where he is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote the company's services and brand. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role, having worked on a variety of high-profile construction projects throughout his career.


Taylor is passionate about supporting and mentoring young professionals in the industry, and has a particular interest in helping veterans transition into civilian employment. He has been involved in the ADF Experience Program with John Holland, where he developed a strong relationship with Defence personnel and honed his mentoring and leadership skills.


In his downtime, Taylor enjoys pursuing his passions for music and sport. You can often find him playing guitar or hitting the links for a round of golf. Taylor’s creative spirit and drive for excellence extend beyond the workplace, and he is always seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. No day passes without Taylor challenging the team to constantly self-assess it’s direction, and critically evaluate if every decision Force Contracts make is economical, marketable, innovative, and valuable.


Sue Pavan

People & Culture Director

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Sue is the Head of People and Culture at Force Contracts, with a wealth of experience in human resources, leadership, and change management. She is passionate about building strong workplace cultures that value diversity, equity, and inclusion.


As a mother of a veteran, Sue understands the unique challenges that military families face, and is committed to creating a supportive work environment for veterans and their families.


Sue's extensive work history in human resources includes roles at several large companies where she implemented successful people strategies and initiatives. She is skilled in creating effective recruitment and retention strategies, developing and implementing employee training and development programs, and managing employee relations issues.


Sue's leadership experience extends beyond human resources, with a background in professional services and consulting. She has managed teams across various industries and is known for her ability to lead and motivate teams to achieve their goals.


At Force Contracts, Sue is responsible for overseeing all aspects of people management and culture development. She is dedicated to creating a positive work environment that supports employees in their personal and professional growth.

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